Lizzie Alcott’s story told in quilts

I saw this article on a quilting blog and thought you might find it interesting. I wish I knew more about quilts and the significance of their design but perhaps some of you can offer help in your comments.

Here is the article:

Hands All Around #5: Star Puzzle for Elizabeth Alcott

Block #5 Star Puzzle by Becky Brown

A block for Elizabeth (Peabody) Sewall Alcott, the quiet sister.  The puzzle may be: “How could anyone be quiet in that family?”

 Elizabeth (Peabody) Sewall Alcott (1835-1858) 
Crayon (chalk) portrait by Caroline Negus Hildreth 1857
Collection of Orchard House

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7 thoughts on “Lizzie Alcott’s story told in quilts

  1. Hi Susan:
    I hope you are feeling well!! I know NOTHING about quilting, but re the comment, “How could anyone remain quiet in that family'”, The only knowledge I have about the real Alcotts is what you have so generously shared with us. But basing my answer on Little Women, I truly believe she embodied Beth’s character with Lizzie’s real life qualities, and
    all throughout the book, she gave to Beth the qualites of shyness, humility and modesty.
    Where those qualities are particularyly illustrated is in the “Pleasant Meadows” of “L.W.”, where she sings the “quaint hymn-which was a singularly fitting song for her (the song of the shepherd boy)
    ” he that is down need fear no fall, he that is low no pride…”

    All your other commentators are talking about quilting here, so I hope I’m not answering the wrong question here.

    Best Regards Susan-Alex

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