First draft of Chapter 2 completed!

I am pleased to announce that I have completed the first draft of chapter 2 which focuses on the Alcott family’s first home in Concord. This was a fun chapter to write as there was much to say about the sisters. There are a couple of revealing letters from Bronson to Lizzie plus reminiscences from Lizzie’s best friend and next-door neighbor at the time, Lydia Hosmer.

Concordia (aka Dove Cote) courtesy of the Louisa May Alcott Memorial Society

Now that I have finally figured out the methodology for writing this book (and that has taken years as I am teaching myself), the writing goes along much faster. And as I edit, I learn new things — how will I make this book read like a novel rather than just a regurgitating of facts? What words and methods will I use to make the reader feel Lizzie’s story? And how will I make this story interesting to readers who are not familiar with the Alcotts and Little Women?

They say the writing is the best part of being an author (even over being published). I agree — I love this process! I’m still pinching myself that I am retired and get to do this every day. Life is good!

21 thoughts on “First draft of Chapter 2 completed!

    1. This is GREAT news!!! I am so happy to learn that this tremendous book is taking shape!
      Whether it reads like a novel or a book of facts, I am eager to devour it and my appetite for it knows no bounds!!

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  1. Really looking forward to this, and love and adore your making yourself a true author and biographer in your retirement. That’s the way to go!

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  2. There’s no doubt that with your intensive research and synthesis combined with your clear writing style that this book will reveal a whole new aspect to the Alcott family.

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    1. I’m not using Schiviner – I start with Google Docs and when it’s done, I put it into
      Word to finish off the footnotes. I use Grammarly with Google Docs. And sure, I’ll write something about my process if you think people would be interested. Thanks for writing!


  3. Whenever I get an email saying you’ve made progress on your writing, my heart skips a beat! I can’t wait to read the finished book, I’m sure it’ll be a unique experience among the many books about this family – and not just because I’m always desperate for more Lizzie content. This is the book you were born to write so I’ve got no doubt it’ll be incredible!

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  4. Hi Susan:
    I hope you are doing well!
    Just bought “Selected Letters of Louisa May Alcott” by Myerson, Shealy, and Stern. I was wondering if you have read it, and if so, if you think these really are her authentic letters. (I remember the comments you made about Ms. Cheney’s book of LMA’s Journals & Letters.) Also, the 2nd part of my question is that in “Selected Letters”, LMA wrote many letters to a man named Alfred Whitman, whom she nicknames Dolphus & states that she took “Laurie”
    in LIttle Women from a composite of him, and a Polish gentleman named Laddie. Do you know who this Alfred Whitman was, and what his relationship to the Alcotts was?
    Thank you very much Susan. All my Very Best Regards!! Alex

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    1. Hi there Alex! Yes, I have read that book, it is the most complete collection of her letters. Alfred Whitman was a dear friend of Louisa, Anna and May – they met through the theatre group in Concord during the late 1850s. Alf was young, around 15, and Louisa, always prone to boys, “adopted” him as “her boy.” Laurie was partially based on him. Alf only lived in Concord for a year but the friendship was so strong that they all wrote to each other for several years. Lis Adams from Orchard House has been working on a book about these letters which should be awesome.

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  5. Thank you so much for that information Susan!!, I’ll be looking forward to that book by Ms. Adams.
    In the “Selected Letters” book, there’s one letter that I particularly like starting “Dearest Nan”, where Louisa
    shows her fond feelings for all 3 sisters starting with wanting to make little Abba (May) happy by getting her
    pretty things to wear, & then buying a new gown “for our good little Betty and sending it with my blessings
    to the cheerful saint….she writes me the funniest letters….” and concludes “uncle writes that you were
    Dr. W’s pet teacher, and everyone loved you, but if you are not well… come home and be cuddle by
    your old Lu”
    I just love that letter.

    Thank you again Susan!! It’s nice to know there is some dependable information about Louisa and her sisters.

    Best Regards-Alex

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