Medical journal writes short extract on Beth March’s compassion

I was surprised to find this and wish it were longer. It’s a wonderful comparison between Beth/Lizzie’s courage in caring (in a hands-on fashion) for someone with a highly contagious disease and the brave Ebola workers.

From The American Journal of Medicine:

2 thoughts on “Medical journal writes short extract on Beth March’s compassion

  1. I have admired Beth and her courage and lovingkindness so much since I first saw the movie(my favorite movie ever!) way back in 1967 when it was on tv during our Christmas vacation. I got the book , illustrated by Tasha Tudor for Christmas, with has been my favorite Christmas gift all these years. I loved Beth so much that I named my daughter Elizabeth. Beth demonstrated courage and compassion and has always been one of my greatest heroes in life. The world would be a much better place if we had more Beths in it. My favorite Little Women movie has always been the one with Margret O’Brien . Nobody cries with the depth of emotion as June Allyson.

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